Queer Christmas Shorts for 2020

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Welcome to the kickoff of my NEW weekly Queer Shorts reviews!


And what better way to start off this Christmas present, but with Queer CHRISTMAS short films!


Excited? I hope so – because now I have even more work to do. Kidding! I enjoy watching films, especially the queer ones. While I feel I am still developing my voice as a reviewer, I find joy bringing these queer films to your attention. While many are common to most, there’s at least a handful of the films I’ve already reviewed that might not yet be on your radar – and I have over a thousand more waiting to be reviewed.


But most people don’t even bother with short films. While they are appropriately named – short, they often don’t get the publicity as feature films. I actually had to do a search just to find this batch of Queer Christmas shorts for you!


So grab a cup of cocoa, nestle up by the fire or in your warm bed, and enjoy these six Queer Christmas Shorts for 2020.



One of the Three Kings and Santa Claus spend Christmas in jail, talking about what their future will be like in a world like this.


Not all Christmas films and shorts are jolly and bright. “Lucky Fares” is a bit on the darker, drearier side, but there’s still a glimpse of hope we tend to associate with Christmas films. As such, this might put off many of you who are looking for those holiday films to lift you spirits. I actually enjoyed this queer Christmas short, but I also have a unique advantage regarding crossing borders and the hoops & red tape you have to go through. Even though the story is a bit dark – after all it takes place in a jail cell where the two boys are facing deportation! – there’s a bit of hope that truly makes this short special.


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When Lauren gets stuck working her IT job on Christmas Eve, a simple call for technical help turns into holiday magic.


While I think this queer Christmas short film’s premise is a bit more fantasy than reality, “Holiday Help Desk” is a cute and whimsical lesbian romance set on Christmas Eve. The holidays are usually full of joy and happiness, but the reality is that they actually are rather lonely for many folks. This short film shows a bit of that, but also gives us a romantic connection that is what every woman hopes for. And given that there are significantly fewer lesbian films within the Queer oeuvre, this one is certainly a welcome and positive addition. Give it a watch today!


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Two sisters arrive at their parents’ home for Christmas with boyfriends in tow. When the family leaves for a last minute trip to the mall, the two boys are left to mind the turkey. What ensues will surely become a memorable holiday for all.


“Fruitcake” – both a derogatory slang nickname for gay guys, and also a traditional Christmas dessert. But only one is actually present in this Queer Christmas short – and it’s not the actual dessert! It’s one thing to bring someone along to the family Christmas Eve dinner to avoid the “why are you still single” talk, especially from an overly concerned and controlling mother. It’s also not too different when your “boyfriend” happens to be gay. What IS different, and the key reason why this short is quite comedic, is when your sister does the same thing – and the two guys hook up! Let’s dig into this treat and find out why mom is yelling at the end!


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A young gay man struggles with what family means at Christmas time.


Christmastime can be tricky for queer folks, especially when their families are religious. Going into a church alone can be tricky. Yet this queer Christmas short, which clearly shows a gay man who does not feel welcome inside his mother’s church, tries to bridge that gap – while giving us a dose of Christmas cheer.


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Two men go throughout the year while living apart, only to finally spend time together at Christmas.


Five years ago, Phil Beastall rocked onto the short scene with “Love is a Gift”, captivating the hearts of thousands at the holiday season. Last year, he stepped up his game and has given us “Made For You”. It perfectly captures the emotions and tugging at the heartstrings that any couple separated by distance feels during the holidays. While it is quite short (only two minutes!), this queer Christmas short succinctly captures the heart of Christmas: spending time together with those you love.


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A young man’s mistakes and past haunt him in what should be a joyous Christmas season, entangling the lives of two other men.


This last Queer Christmas short for 2020 is a bit different from all of the others – it’s dark. Yet equally it’s hauntingly beautiful. (Or am I just a bit morbid?) The Christmas & Holiday season is not cheery and happy for all, and this film gives us a glimpse of what they may be going through. Perhaps they lost a loved one around the holidays, or it’s their first holiday without that loved one. Perhaps they’re homeless or lost, feeling broken and unwanted – which is made worse when everyone is supposed to be full of happiness and cheer. “A Silent Night” perfectly fits that bill, let’s break down how.


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