Submit YOUR Queer Film, Short, or Series to My Database or Request A Review

I LOVE to hear about new Queer or LGBTQ films!

While I am a one-man show and a small review site, it’s all about expanding our reach. As long as your Queer or LGBTQ film fits within my guidelines, I would love to include your film, short, or series on my website in my Queer Film, Short, & Series Database.

ALL queer films, shorts, and series will be added to the Database. And if it’s possible, I can even write a review!

If you give me sufficient advance notice, I can even try to coordinate with a premiere or other event.

I currently aim to review one feature film per month, along with one short film per month. If I’m feeling motivated, I might publish more. My feature film reviews typically are posted on Monday mornings around 0700 EST, and the short film reviews are posted on Friday mornings around 0700 EST.

Please note:

  • I plan my Queer Short reviews out at least one month in advance because I provide EARLY access to those reviews for my Shorts Newsletter subscribers.
  • I usually have my feature film reviews planned out months in advance as well – but I am flexible.
  • I’m still sussing out the best way to review a series – however, I’m certainly open to figuring it out.
  • I use the same Rating Criteria for all films. To learn more about HOW I review each film, read more HERE.
  • If I do not yet have the film, short, or series you wish me to consider for review in my Queer Film Database, I will add it to the database ASAP – regardless if I am able to review your film or not.

I highly suggest that you read both a high-scoring film review AND a low-scoring review to ensure my style will be acceptable. I do my best to provide honest & analytic reviews – but I am not afraid to say something sucks!

Between the previously requested reviews and the drafts of films to meet my own goals, I am currently swamped with review drafts right now. While I am now accepting film review requests, my schedule for 2024 is already quite full. There are no guarantees that I can fit in a review of your film, especially if you would like it by a certain date.

NOTE: I will ALWAYS welcome film database submissions! All database submissions shall be reviewed promptly.

If everything still sounds good, then click on the button and fill out the form.

Note: The more information you can provide up front, the better I can assess if & when I can fit a review of your Queer film, short, or series into my calendar.