Submit YOUR Queer Film, Short, or Series to My Database or Request A Review

I LOVE to hear about new Queer or LGBTQ films!

While I am a one-man show and a small review site, it’s all about expanding our reach. As long as your Queer or LGBTQ film fits within my guidelines, I would love to include your film, short, or series on my website in my Queer Film, Short, & Series Database.

ALL queer film, shorts, and series will be added to the Database. And if it’s possible, I can even write a review!

If you give me sufficient advance notice, I can even try to coordinate with a premiere or other event.

I currently aim to review one feature film per month, along with one short film per month. If I’m feeling motivated, I might publish more. My feature film reviews typically post Monday mornings around 0700 EST, and the short film reviews post Friday mornings around 0700 EST.

Please note:

  • I plan my Queer Short reviews out at least one month in advance, because I provide EARLY access to those reviews for my Shorts Newsletter subscribers.
  • I usually have my feature film reviews planned out months in advance as well – but I am flexible.
  • I’m still sussing out the best way to review a series, however I’m certainly open to figuring it out.
  • I use the same Rating Criteria for all films. To learn more about HOW I review each film, read more HERE.
  • If I do not yet have the film, short, or series you wish me to consider for review in my Queer Film Database, I will add it to the database ASAP – regardless if I am able to review your film or not.

I highly suggest that you read both a high-scoring film review AND a low-scoring review to ensure my style will be acceptable. I do my best to provide honest & analytic reviews – but I am not afraid to say something sucks!

If everything still sounds good, then click on the button and fill out the form.

Note: The more information you can provide up front, the better I can assess if & when I can fit a review of your Queer film, short, or series into my calendar.