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Hi! I’m Michael.


I’m a mix of things: an avid traveler, a costumer, a paramedic, a lifeguard, and more. Oh yeah, and I’m gay! Add a collection of nearly 1,500 LGBTQ films and shorts – and this site was born.


I got tired of trying to find adequate movie reviews for all of the Queer films in my growing collection. Over the past decade, some of the major films or blockbusters got reviews in the officially accepted channels. But many smaller, independent films , and most of the foreign LGBT films were lucky enough to get a reader submission review on IMDB.



Many of those aren’t that great – the reviews, and many films themselves!



Additionally, many Queer or LGBT film review sites that currently exist either regurgitate the film’s IMDB info without any personal touch or they are merely streaming sites. I wanted to read a review that had a personal touch, something that showed that the reviewer actually watched the film. Plus, the queer connection was missing on many reviews.


This site is an attempt to fix all of that. My goal is to provide you with honest reviews from a fellow queer for the films in my massive collection. It’s that simple!


Please note: These reviews are MY views – it’s ok if they differ from yours!


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Hi, I’m Michael!

I have amassed a massive collection of queer and gay-themed films, shorts, series, and more. I’m here to let you know which ones are worth watching – and which ones aren’t!

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