Who Am I? The Queer Film Reviewer!

 Howdy, I’m Michael!

I’m a mix of things: an avid traveler, a costumer, a paramedic, a lifeguard, and more. Oh yeah, I’m gay.

In short – I’m your Queer Film Reviewer! (double entendre intended)

Over the years, I’ve slowly amassed a collection of nearly 1,600 LGBTQ films and short films. But I got tired of trying to find decent film reviews for all of the Queer films in my growing collection. The major films & blockbuster hits usually get reviewed in the officially accepted channels. But many smaller, independent films – and most of the foreign LGBT films – were maybe lucky enough to get a reader’s review on IMDB.

Many of those aren’t that great – the reviews, and many films themselves!

Many other Queer or LGBT film review sites simply regurgitate the film’s IMDB info without any personal touch. When I want to read a review about a film, I want a personal touch; something that showed that the reviewer actually watched the film. But more importantly, the relevance to the Queer & LGBT community was missing.

Queer Film Reviews is my attempt to fix all of that. My goal is to provide you with honest reviews from a fellow queer, while chiming in on why it’s queer relevant. It’s that simple! Through my background in theatre and costuming, I’m able to add a unique viewpoint on many of the details that make a film great – but many folks simply overlook.

While I try to focus on the many films in my LGBTQ film collection, I’m very quickly expanding to include the growing premiers of new Queer films each year. So search my many film reviews to find out how I scored your favourite queer film, subscribe to get regular updates, and if you can’t find a film – let me know!

Please note: These reviews are MY views – it’s ok if they differ from yours! To learn more about my rating score, check out it out HERE.

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