Christmas garland banner with Rainbow coloured ornaments between each swag

Queer Holiday TV/Web Series Database

* Content arranged alphabetically

Deck the halls with balls of … balls… mmm!… oh wait – of holly! Right?

These Queer films & shorts all have one thing in common: the Holidays!

Some are cute and will fill your hearts with love and joy, perfect for the holiday season. And a few paint a bit of a darker holiday drama. Yet there is no question, if you’re looking for something Queer to watch during the holiday season, check out any of these Queer Christmas/Holiday films & shorts!

[Note: This database is just for Holiday TV/Web series.]


Film poster for "Dash Lily Main"

Dash & Lily

Film poster for "Merry Happy Whatever Main 1"

Merry Happy Whatever

Film poster for "Mrs Browns Boys – Christmas Special Main"

Mrs Brown’s Boys – Christmas Special

Film poster for "Pee Wees Playhouse Christmas Special Main"

Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special

Film poster for "Smiley Main"


Film poster for "With Love Main 1"

With Love