Queer Film Reviews focuses on Queer, LGBTQ, and Gay-Themed cinema.

Unlike other Queer or LGBTQ film reviews, my reviews will not just regurgitate a film’s IMDB info. Nor will not find any streaming  or viewing sources on my site. What you will find instead are honest reviews from a gay man who absolutely loves the niche of Queer films.

If a movie is utter garbage and not worth watching, I will let you know!

My reviews are sorted by Genre, by My Rating Score, by Format, and by the LGBTQ Spectrum. Feel free to search for your favourite title or peruse through everything to find something interesting. And don’t hesitate to suggest a film for review if you don’t see it listed yet!

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"êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines" film poster

êmîcêtôsêt: Many Bloodlines


"The Laramie Project" film poster

The Laramie Project


Film poster for "Blame It On Toby", showing a puppet's head in silhouette

Blame It On Toby


"The Perfect Wedding" film poster

The Perfect Wedding


“Eating Out: Drama Camp” film poster

Eating Out: Drama Camp

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