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Hi, I’m Michael!

I have amassed a massive collection of queer and gay-themed films, shorts, series, and more. I’m here to let you know which ones are worth watching – and which ones aren’t!

This site is about Queer, LGBTQ, and Gay-Themed cinema.


My goal is to work through my massive collection of films, shorts, series and other relevant cinematic media and review them for you. Unlike other Queer or LGBT film review sites that currently exist, my reviews will not just regurgitate each film’s IMDB info. Nor will not find any streaming  or viewing sources on my site. What you will find are honest reviews – if a movie is utter garbage and not worth spending time watching, I will let you know!


My reviews are currently sorted by Genre, by my Rating Score, by Format, and by the LGBTQ Spectrum. Feel free to search for your favourite title or peruse through the everything to find something interesting. And don’t hesitate to suggest a film for review if you don’t see it listed yet!


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Poster showing all 5 queer sport film posters on the bottom, white background on top with title "5 Queer Mystery Films " with green grey detective silhouette on the upper left

Queer Mystery Films

Murders, detective, and … Bears? Oh my!   This month’s list of queer mystery films was rather fun to research sift though, partly because most folks don’t think about mysteries when thinking of LGBTQ and Queer films. While the tides are slowly turning, the Queer film oeuvre is better known

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Poster showing all 5 queer sport film posters on the top, white background on bottom with title "5 Queer Sport Films " with soccer ball on the lower right

Queer Sport Films

Ah, Sports. A form of entertainment & exercise that has long had issues with the queer community due to the masculine-driven, homophobic nature of team sports. In fact, that’s something that four of this month’s films specifically address. There’s a delicate balance, almost a juxtaposition, because team sports, the locker

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Poster showing all 5 queer sport film posters on the top, white background on bottom with title "5 Queer War Films " with green army man on the lower right

Queer War Films

While last month’s “5 Queer RomCom’s For Valentine’s Day” was focused on the lovey-dovey romances, things get a bit darker this month. War is never a happy subject, often more tragic than not. These “5 Queer War Films” stunningly capture queer stories during wartime.   An interesting thing to note

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Poster showing all 5 queer romcoms film posters on the top, white background on bottom with title "5 RomComs For Valentine's Day" with pink heart

Queer RomComs For Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! A day where half the world looks at their partner with love and endearing tenderness – and the other half are still looking for their partner! (OK, add in a cluster of partners who can’t stand to look at their partner… but this post isn’t for them!)

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