An Early Christmas Present!

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Blue Christmas Present with Red Bow, Tag that says "NEW for Christmas"

Because Queer Film Reviews has been steadily increasing in popularity since launching last year, it’s time to expand a bit further!

(OK… it *might* have something to do with the TONS of Queer films out there – and the many more that keep premiering each year. But let’s pretend my reviews are becoming more popular!)

It’s time to “unwrap” your present…


(Ok, they’re “technically” reviews of Queer Short FILMS – but that doesn’t sound as fun, does it?)

Every Friday, I will post a quick review highlighting one of the many queer shorts that are out there. While a short is technically a feature film under 45 minutes (or less than 25 min for a TV/Web series), they range from under one minute to a half hour or more.

Make sure to check back each week for the latest Queer Short review – or subscribe to my Monthly Shorts Newsletter. And as a Thank-You for subscribing, you’ll even get special, early access to ALL of my Christmas Short reviews!


But to kick off these shorts, here is your first Queer Short Review:


This is a very, VERY, short “Short” – it’s only twenty seconds! But this animated short, by Luke McQuillan, is a perfect introduction to get us all into that gay ‘ol Christmas spirit – pun intended!

Keep watching afterwards to hear a quick message from Luke about his short.