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“Eating Out” – The Entire Banquet

Posted on 6 May 2020

There are many crazy things people do for love, to land that perfect person. Some people write poems and send flowers, others attempt to arrange serendipity, and some even go for loud obvious displays of affection (something quite common in the plots of most teenage focused films!) But “Eating Out” and the subsequent sequels takes those antics to an entirely new dimension – changing one’s sexuality. However, what seems like a great idea inevitably leads…


Agender Films to Watch for Agender Pride Day

Posted on 19 May 2023

May 19 is Agender Pride Day, so you know what that means? Happy Agender Pride Day! For anyone who isn’t familiar with Latin, the prefix “a-” means “without”. Thus, agender means one who is without gender. Folks who identify themselves as agender do not associate with one particular gender. Other terms used include genderblank, genderfree, genderless, gendervoid, non-gendered, ungendered, and null gender. Many use the pronouns “they/them”, however people choose whatever they feel comfortable using….


Best-Rated Queer Films to Buy/Watch on Amazon & Prime Video

Posted on 12 April 2023

While many today still consider films that feature queer LGBTQ characters and storylines rather niche, that is actually quite far from the reality. There are HUNDREDS of LGBTQ films, shorts, & series to buy on DVD or BlueRay from Amazon alone. In fact, if we focus on queer films you can stream or watch online, there are THOUSANDS – with over two thousand to be found just on Prime Video! So with such a plethora…


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Christmas Films that are Kinda Queer

Posted on 10 December 2020

While there are a handful of Holiday & Christmas films that feature queer lead characters or storylines, there are even more that continue to use the “gay” character as the sidekick/best friend/brother/et al trope. They’re only “kinda queer”. There’s a handful of reasons for this: Yes, all of these films do have a gay/lesbian/queer character. Or they might have a gay/queer side story. But does that mean the actual film is deserving of the title…


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Halloween Shorts 2020

Posted on 31 October 2020

I realise that TONIGHT is Halloween (technically it’s already over for me down in New Zealand!) and that I’m posting this VERY last minute…. sorry!?! I only discovered yesterday that Out On Film was hosting a “Horror Shorts for Halloween” online festival. Since I wasn’t quite in the mood to go out and party tonight (it’s not really as big of a thing here in NZ), I opted to stay inside and watch these seven spooky…



Just Ask Him

Posted on 6 April 2023

Ah, the teenage crush of our fantasies! For many, it was one of the jocks. The ones that everyone dreamt about – yet few got to have. For me, it was one of the only other openly gay guys in school… I digress, BUT we’ve all been there. We’ve all had a crush on someone who we didn’t even know was gay – and sometimes didn’t care. And that’s perhaps the thing I enjoyed the…


Lesbian Films to Watch for Lesbian Visibility Week

Posted on 24 April 2023

It’s Lesbian Visibility Week!!! But wait… what IS Lesbian Visibility Week? The entire week is dedicated to celebrate lesbians, promoting solidarity with all LGBTQ women and non-binary folks in the queer community. Interestingly, it was originally celebrated during July West Hollywood from 1990-92. However in 2020, backed by Diva magazine, the weeklong celebration was moved to coincide with Lesbian Visibility Day, an annual celebratory day in the UK for lesbians on April 26 that itself…


More “Kinda” Queer Christmas Films

Posted on 1 November 2022

In 2020, I shared my Christmas post that stirred up a bit of discussion: Christmas Films that are Kinda Queer. Having rewatched most of these films since then, I stand by my decision that all of those films are only KINDA queer Christmas films. But there actually are even MORE films that meet the same criteria! Which is exactly why this year’s post was needed. But first, let me refresh you on what defines a…


More Queer Comedy Films

Posted on 1 March 2023

Last year I shared five Queer Comedy Films – all FIVE of which are incredible comedies! But it’s time I make a confession… I had quite a difficult time paring down a rather long list of amazing queer comedy films to just five. I simply couldn’t! Somehow I managed to select just ten films. I listed them by IMDb’s rating, and only shared the first five in last year’s post. And now it’s time to…


More Queer Romance Films

Posted on 1 January 2023

‘Tis the month of love & romance – it’s Valentine’s Day! Time to get bombarded with pink & red hearts, Cupid’s arrows, and outbursts of love. While not everyone is ready to enjoy this commercial holiday, it can be hard to ignore the allure of romcoms or romantic films. (For those of you looking for something different, unfortunately this post isn’t for you). If you’re after some great queer romcoms, you can check out this…


NEW Queer Christmas Films Coming In 2021!

Posted on 2 December 2021

Last year, 2020, was full of a LOT… a year that will not be forgotten for ages to come. But there were some good things – such as all of the Queer Christmas films that broke new ground! Hallmark finally released a film with a gay storyline with The Christmas House, Lifetime progressed from the gay sub-story to a true gay Christmas storyline with “The Christmas Setup”, and we had a few other films that…


NEW Queer Christmas Films for 2022

Posted on 26 November 2022

I’m not a huge fan of analogies, but there’s one that comes to mind while I searched for all of the new queer Christmas films premiering this holiday season. It involves a river, a dam, and climate change. For decades, the unique Christmas film niche greatly lacked any queerness; like a river that was damned, letting a small trickle through with the occasional independent queer Christmas film making its way through. In 2020, the dam…



Popping The Question

Posted on 11 February 2023

Writer/Director Shawna Khorasani asked me to review her short, “Popping The Question” back in 2021 when it premiered. Unfortunately that was right when I decided to take a break from writing reviews and then suddenly, it’s 2023 – Whoops! Now that I’m getting back to writing reviews regularly, it felt right to give this lesbian short film a watch. Now when both the film’s title and the synopsis alludes to a proposal, we know what’s…


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Queer Action Films

Posted on 1 July 2021

When you think of what defines an Action film, certain images or scenes come to mind. Car chases, gun fights, battle scenes, and more. In fact, in order to claim the “Action” genre tag from IMDb, a film must contain “numerous scenes where action is spectacular and usually destructive. Often includes non-stop motion, high energy physical stunts, chases, battles, and destructive crises (floods, explosions, natural disasters, fires, etc.)” Oh, and there has to be more…


Queer Adult Films

Posted on 1 April 2023

Today we’re venturing into a bit of a grey area… Queer Adult Films. I’m sure with those words alone, you’ve got a certain kind of film in mind. But wait – Michael, are you actually going to review THOSE kinds of films! Nope! While many folks might not see the difference, there actually is a subtle distinction between queer adult films and porn. So what makes a film an “Adult” film instead of just calling…


Queer Adventure Films

Posted on 1 July 2022

This month’s themed films were a mixed bag. I must confess that when I’m seeking for films to include within each month’s theme, I try to focus on the higher rated films – even if I have not yet watched the film. With some genres, this is even harder to narrow down because there are many great queer films; some I actually struggle to find ones that fit. I actually had only seen one film…