Queer Christmas Film Reviews for 2020

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Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry Queermas!

Oh, it’s “Christmas?” Pssh!

Whether you want to call this time of year the Christmas season, the Holiday season, or something else entirely – there’s one thing that can never go amiss: Christmas films! While I shared my Top 5 Favourite Queer Christmas Films last year, there are plenty more to fill out this specific niche within the queer film oeuvre. (And there’s even MORE premiering this 2020 Christmas season!).

But let me back up a bit and share a couple more reviews of Queer Christmas films while we wait. The arrangement this year is a varied mix. Including a dysfunctional family over Thanksgiving, a crappy student film, two underrated gay Christmas films, and even a film that doesn’t feel like it’s even a Christmas film – there’s definitely something this year that should interest you. So check out the films below and find out why each got their respective rating.

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I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & Holiday season this year!

5 Queer Christmas Film Reviews for 2020

After losing her job, making out with her soon-to-be former boss, and finding out that her daughter plans to spend Thanksgiving with her boyfriend, Claudia Larson faces spending the holiday with her family.

Another ensemble film? Don’t worry! Unlike a disastrous review of a similarly set film, “Home For The Holidays” is actually a brilliant and incredible film to watch. Set around Thanksgiving dinner instead of Christmas, Jodie Foster‘s film perfectly captures the craziness of family and how everyone’s different stories mingle & clash, often to hysterical results. But it’s more a drama with a touch of black comedy, more heartfelt and endearing rather than laughs. Let’s break it down further.

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A confused young man, just out of the proverbial gay closet, must choose between his lover of nine months and his ultra-religious parents on Christmas Eve.

“Visions of Sugarplums” was on my contenders for last year’s Top 5 Queer Christmas Reviews, but it didn’t quite stand out as strong as the films I actually reviewed. But this year I’ve decided to revisit this older film. Between reading over my notes and rewatching it this year, I cannot deny the truth – this film is bad, like a film student’s final project. Well, it turns out that that IS exactly the case with “Visions of Sugarplums”! In fact, director Edward J. Fasulo had zero intentions of releasing the film until people started asking. So try to keep that in mind – however my philosophy is to not hold back, but tell it how it is. How about we try to find the good bits of this Queer Christmas film?

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When Jonathan Parker was 4 years old, his mother’s words and a chance encounter with a Salvation Army Kris Kringle instilled in him a lifelong belief in the legend of Santa Claus. Now 24 and his parents long passed away, Jonathan is a spacey, pot-smoking college drop-out and multi loser in romance who has one shot left to find his true love; he writes a letter to Santa Claus. After meeting Toby, a new co-worker just moved to the city, Jonathan is convinced this is the one who was sent for him, even after he meets Toby’s long time boyfriend Keith. This doesn’t deter Jonathan, who proceeds to wreck everyone’s lives in pursuit of his dream man. Fighting snags, traps and pitfalls to Christmas Day, will Jonathan land his Christmas wish?

From the synopsis, it’s hard to imagine how the plot to “24 Nights” would be an enjoyable Queer Christmas film. But don’t worry! Despite however awkward and naive Jonathan comes across, there’s something a magical and romantic about how this twisted romance unfolds. While it starts off a bit slow, keep pushing through and I have a feeling that by the end, you’ll love this quirky Queer Christmas Film just as much as I do! Let me break it down why.

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Told from three perspectives, a story of a bunch of young Californians trying to get some cash, do and deal some drugs, score money and sex in Las Vegas, and generally experience the rush of life.

“Go” was quite game-changing when it was released in 1999. Yet some mock it as a lesser attempt at the cinematic storytelling style of Pulp fiction, or even just a copycat. But there’s something fresh about how director Doug Liman twists around character cliches, always leaving the viewer surprised. But there’s another key reason “Go” was groundbreaking – it was one of the first major studios to include a gay storyline. The only trouble I can already see a few of you thinking – how is this Queer film a Christmas film? Well, let’s break it down and suss out all of those details!

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A man proposes to his boyfriend. The offer of marriage is accepted, and then quickly rejected — all in the days leading up to Christmas.

A tad short on the feature film length, “Red Lodge” is a welcome entry to the Queer Christmas Film canon. The first film by director Dan Steadman, this film shows us the trouble that ensues when a marriage proposal does not get the expected enthusiastic “Yes”. Told primarily through Jordan’s viewpoint, and interjecting a recap that breaks the fourth wall, it’s an interesting setup. Add in a trip back home to Red Lodge with the quirky Aunt, an adopted sister he doesn’t know that well, and a flirtatious ski instructor, Jordan faces a handful of hurdles this Christmas season. But when an accident occurs, he is forced to truly examine his feelings. Read on to find out why this Christmas romance is so endearing.

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But wait – there’s one more!

There’s a Classic Christmas TV special that nearly everyone I know watches at least once every holiday season – and guess what, it’s a bit queer! Now, I know that many of you might see the film’s title, recollect the famous song that it’s based upon, and wonder – what in the heck is he talking about? There is no way a reindeer can be queer; you’re making that all up just to be politically correct!

Well… as it turns out, you might be just a bit wrong. Or rather, I can open your eyes to how a queer story has lain rather well hidden within a beloved Christmas classic for decades. Follow his “red-nose” over HERE and find out which film this might be!