Queer RomComs For Valentine’s Day

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It’s Valentine’s Day! A day where half the world looks at their partner with love and endearing tenderness – and the other half are still looking for their partner! (OK, add in a cluster of partners who can’t stand to look at their partner… but this post isn’t for them!)

For those of you looking for cute Queer or LGBT RomComs to watch with your special someone – or for those of you, like myself, who are single and wanting something to cheer you up, check out these Five Queer RomComs for Valentine’s Day.

[Note: Not all of these films have full reviews yet – but they’re added to the quickly growing list of films I plan to tackle soon!]

5 Queer RomComs For Valentine’s Day

Marshall (Houston Rhines) is a cocky young ad man working at a dead-end job for a boss who overlooks his talents. After seven years with his boyfriend, Gabe (Noah Schuffman), Marshall’s love life has become too comfortable. On top of that, he’s turning 30! He is desperate for a new life. He goes looking for it online, where he comes upon a mysterious app called “eCupid” that guarantees to find true love. From the moment he downloads it, “eCupid” scans every inch of Marshall’s online world and instantly turns his life upside down. Marshall suddenly gets everything he thinks he wanted. Newly single and ready for adventure, “eCupid” overwhelms Marshall with sexy guys at every turn, each promising to be the man of his fantasies. But too much of a good thing may not be a good thing. Marshall soon finds that all the attention is more than he bargained for. With the help of a wise and mysterious waitress (Morgan Fairchild), Marshall is given one last chance to listen to his heart and figure out what (and who) is really important.

Is “eCupid” a great masterpiece? Nope! It’s utterly cheesy, a bit quirky, and probably wouldn’t rank too high on my rating scale – but that actually makes it a great RomCom for Valentine’s Day. It’s one that I often go back to when I just want something cute and whimsical to enjoy. I actually watched it for the first time while on a date myself – so that’s even better for including it with this months’ films, right? Regardless, “eCupid” is a whimsical comedy about learning to fall in love all over again – even when it’s with your soon-to-be ex-boyfriend!

I’ve actually reviewed this already! Read my full review HERE.

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Eli (Dan Bucatinsky) and Tom (Richard Ruccolo) are successfully featured in this movie as two meant-to-be lovers. The movie is mostly flashbacks recounting the moments where each of the individuals’ friends take turns to pair them up. Tom having emotionally-distant alcoholic parents and Eli hailing from a pair of Jewish psychiatric who taught him to be emotionally open, making him neurotic, couldn’t make the two further apart. Surprisingly or fortunately, despite the two different guys, the two individually believe in finding the one and it takes a blind date from Jackie (Sasha Alexander) and Brett (Adam Goldberg) who believe in their match. An interesting match-up between the two, from two very different backgrounds will keep you glued especially with the touch of comedy, the sarcasm of the two and their involved friends.

When you think of a RomCom, “All Over The Guy” is a great example – without the cheesiness of a few others on this list! There is just a great juxtaposition between Tom and Eli, they aren’t your stereotypical gay characters and from the start it’s equally clear that they would not make a great match. Yet, in an odd way the two connect on a level that brings the two together despite their misgivings. Add in two great side characters who fall in love themselves in a quirky way, it’s a great film about falling in love.

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Two attractive young lesbians, Maggie (Karyn Dwyer)and Kim (Christina Cox), meet in Vancouver, develop a passionate romance, and move in together. Meanwhile, Maggie’s well-meaning but naive mother Lila (Wendy Crewson) gets divorced and decides to move to Vancouver and join the household. Soon after, Lila is befriended by Judy (Peter Outerbridge), a transsexual about to undergo a sex-change operation who’s in love with Frances (Ann-Marie MacDonald). Complications ensue as the conservative Lila learns the truth about Maggie, Judy, and their diverse group of friends.

Growing up there were only a handful of Queer films, and fewer that didn’t deal with HIV/AIDS and dying. Yet amid this dreariness was a cute lesbian RomCom, “Better Than Chocolate” (Although I personally don’t know if sex IS better than chocolate or not…) Maggie and Kim might be a bit superficial, especially Maggie who is young and still quite naive. But there’s a great chemistry between the two – and incredible comedy as Maggie tries to hide it all from her mother who decided to randomly show up! And let’s not forget the inclusion of Judy, a trans woman who gets caught up in her own surprise romance by the end. Look beyond the negative critics, and let yourself simply enjoy this cute lesbian RomCom – hopefully with a special partner of your own.

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Meet Myles and Brody, best friends and total opposites. Myles (Jack Turner) is a hopeless romantic looking for Mr. Right. Brody (Michael Adam Hamilton) is a sexy player on the hunt for Mr. Right Now. These two friends make a plan that they’ll be together if both of them are still single in a decade. Nearly ten years later and still alone, both friends will do whatever it takes to avoid becoming a couple.

Whenever I want to watch a cute rom-com film, “The 10 Year Plan” is one of my regular choices! A true Rom-Com requires three key things: 1 – Person A; 2 – Person B; Shenanigan that’s keeping the two lovers apart. All with a dash of comedy, of course! Not only does “The 10 Year Plan” meet this simple criteria but like many other Rom-Com’s, there’s a certain character and cheesiness factor that screams out: “Rom-Com!” It’s a cute Queer Film that will having you laughing from the comedy, but also leave you with a smile and feelings of happiness by the end. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy!

I’ve actually reviewed this film too! Read my full review HERE!

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Three men are featured on a poster for the queer film, "The 10 Year Plan", with one man centrally holding a rose.

1950s Hollywood heartthrob Guy Stone (Matt Letscher) is a wildly popular leading man. The public loves to gossip about Guy’s conquests of the opposite sex, but the young actor has a secret: While he is involved in an abundance of flings, none of them involve women. Guy’s agent, Jerry (Veronica Cartwright), convinces him to marry the unassuming Sally (Carrie Preston) to maintain his reputation. However, soon after the wedding, Guy develops feelings for a writer named Rick (Adam Greer).

Camp. Full out hysterical camp is the best way to describe the quirkiness that is “Straight Jacket”. The film is set back in the days when homosexuality was not only very hush hush, but could kill a person’s reputation – or a movie star’s career. Throw in great situational comedy, a “straight” wedding facade/farce, the bed of the lies crumble away when Guy’s secret is discovered. But behind the quick comedic one liners and witty writing is a heartfelt story of love and being true to oneself. I personally love “Straight Jacket”; it’s regularly on my playlist. Give it a go – I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do!

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So what did you think – do you agree with these five Queer RomComs for Valentine’s Day? Have you seen all of them yet? If so, let me know which one was your favourite. And if you haven’t watched them all yet, I highly encourage you to add these Queer RomCom Films to your watch list ASAP!