It’s a black and stormy night on the prairie, as the rain hammers down and rising rivers wash out the bridges. Alone in her dilapidated mansion, Mrs. Gert Hammond drinks – heavily – to the memory of her dead husband and her son who “no longer exists.” Out in the storm, travelers Sash, Roo and Toydy, a hitchhiker they’ve picked up, crash their car! Passersby Chandler and Bond rescue them, and they all converge on Mrs. Hammond’s house, the only shelter for miles around, where they change into dry clothes and spend the long prairie night squabbling with each other, forming random sexual liaisons and dragging out each others’ deepest, darkest secrets. Late arrival Bing, having crashed his circus truck on the treacherous roads, stumbles in with what may be the strangest tale of them all, and Mrs. Hammond, who has some pretty dark secrets of her own, tries hard to be a gracious hostess as the night unfolds.

Quick Thoughts:

Part hardcore porn, part parody – and with a dash of surrealism – “Thundercrack” is quite simply weird. Yet it’s also fabulously wonderful! If you took the campiness & cult following of “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, throw in a horny gorilla, classic horror tropes, and a group of sex obsessed and sexually confused strangers – then you’re only halfway able to comprehend what makes “Thundercrack” a captivating film. Is it cheaply made? Absolutely! Does the script make sense? NOPE! Does it push the boundaries between what is a porn and what is an art film? Of course! Although the surprising bit is the entire cast & crew’s approach to the film; there truly are some memorable scenes. This black & white, nearly three hour long film is truly a queer adult film that you simply have to watch in order to believe it even exists. It’s not the easiest film to find, but if you can find yourself a copy – enjoy!





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Release Date:

29 December, 1975




Curt McDowell


Mark Ellinger, George Kuchar, Curt McDowell


Marion Eaton, George Kuchar, Melinda McDowell