9 Dead Gay Guys

Posted on 11 April 2020

Warning: This film is full of British slang, crude jokes, and crass language. If you find that offensive, this might not be a film for you. You WERE warned! “9 Dead Gay Guys” is probably the most offensive and stereotypical queer film I have seen – and it’s also one of the funniest! This black comical farce does not attempt to hide what it is, and even embraces all of its political incorrectness as it…




Posted on 10 June 2020

Based on actual events – those words always add a certain level to any film or short. In this case, “Caught” is a short film by Monte Patterson that captures the essence of the 1962 Mansfield, Ohio Police Department sting operation. While the location is different to that case, this short examines and mimics how similar operations were carried out – and still are. “Caught” is a brilliant short that treads the fine line between…



Eating Out: The Open Weekend

Posted on 6 May 2020

[“Eating Out: The Open Weekend” is part of the “Eating Out” Saga. To recap the entire saga, head over to THIS post!] “Eating Out: The Open Weekend” is perhaps the most heartfelt of the entries. If it weren’t for quick cameos of two hysterical characters from the earlier entries, this film acts more like the capstone of the trilogy with this cast. But it also works as a good ending for the entire series. And…


Queer Adult Films

Posted on 1 April 2023

Today we’re venturing into a bit of a grey area… Queer Adult Films. I’m sure with those words alone, you’ve got a certain kind of film in mind. But wait – Michael, are you actually going to review THOSE kinds of films! Nope! While many folks might not see the difference, there actually is a subtle distinction between queer adult films and porn. So what makes a film an “Adult” film instead of just calling…




Posted on 27 March 2021

A queer short film made by Eurocreme? (known for hardcore porn) Interesting! I started watching “VGL-Hung!” with intrigue and curiosity. But by the end, I was disappointed and a tad bit bored. And that’s even with what essentially amounts to softcore porn including some of Eurocreme’s best “actors”. So how did this short film, featured on Pecadillo Picture’s Boys On Film’s first short film compilation, “Hard Love”, disappoint? Well, let’s break it down and get…