The Bitch Who Stole Christmas

Posted on 6 December 2022

[“The Bitch Who Stole Christmas” is the first film of my “5 Queer Holiday Films for 2022” post. To read the next review, “Happiest Season”, click HERE.] When VH1 announced “The Bitch Who Stole Christmas” for Christmas 2021, I was ecstatic! Starring over twenty drag queens and judges from the iconic Emmy-winning series, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and of course, Mother Ru herself – what could go wrong? With plenty of Ru’s iconic sass, paired with…



Christmas In Clyde

Posted on 14 December 2022

[“Christmas In Clyde” is the third film of my “5 Queer Holiday Shorts for 2022” post. To read the next review, “Adam and Steve”, click HERE. To read the previous review, “Xmas Eve Eve“, click HERE.] Once again this year, YouTube lead me to another lesbian queer Christmas short film, “Christmas In Clyde”. Alysse Dalessandro, the plus-sized fashion blogger, LGBTQ influencer, writer, designer, and professional speaker behind the blog Ready to Stare, both was the…



City of Trees

Posted on 24 December 2021

[“City of Trees” is the fourth film of my “5 Queer Christmas Films for 2021” post. To read the next review, “Dashing In December”, click HERE. To read the previous review, “The Christmas Setup“, click HERE.] Historically, at least for the films I have reviewed, when one person writes, directs, AND stars in their own film – it doesn’t work. As expected, that is the case with “City of Trees.” However the low rating actually…


NEW Queer Christmas Films for 2022

Posted on 26 November 2022

I’m not a huge fan of analogies, but there’s one that comes to mind while I searched for all of the new queer Christmas films premiering this holiday season. It involves a river, a dam, and climate change. For decades, the unique Christmas film niche greatly lacked any queerness; like a river that was damned, letting a small trickle through with the occasional independent queer Christmas film making its way through. In 2020, the dam…


Queer Christmas Films for 2021

Posted on 15 December 2021

Last year saw a huge surge of new Queer Christmas films – it was wonderful to see! I actually recapped the highs and lows of last year’s bunch in my earlier post: “8 NEW Queer Christmas Films Coming in 2021.” The Queer Christmas films sub-niche within the queer film oeuvre has grown exponentially in the past few years. [And thankfully that doesn’t seem to be stopping!] In fact, if I look at my total queer…