Circus of Books

Posted on 24 June 2020

There are so many incredible parts to be discovered within “Circus of Books”, a documentary that tells an almost unbelievable story of Barry and Karen Mason, as told through the lens of their daughter, Rachel Mason.  Given that “Circus of Books” is a documentary and not the usual fictional story, I won’t recap a full synopsis. Because this IS Queer history, I feel that it’s better to watch the documentary for yourself. No amount of…


Queer Adult Films

Posted on 1 April 2023

Today we’re venturing into a bit of a grey area… Queer Adult Films. I’m sure with those words alone, you’ve got a certain kind of film in mind. But wait – Michael, are you actually going to review THOSE kinds of films! Nope! While many folks might not see the difference, there actually is a subtle distinction between queer adult films and porn. So what makes a film an “Adult” film instead of just calling…