Another Gay Movie

Posted on 1 April 2020

What does Quiche Lorraine, high school seniors, and a quest to lose their anal virginity have in common – they’re all included in this spoof of comedy classic “American Pie”, albeit with quite a queer twist! But is this just another parody or does “Another Gay Movie” strong enough to stand up on its own? Let’s dig into this hysterical comedic romp! The Quest for Anal … I mean, the Plot! “We dunno shit about…



"I Am Jonas" film poster

I Am Jonas

Posted on 27 October 2020

This film caught me off guard. Knowing that I was a bit late to the party after it dropped on Netflix a good while back, I also knew nothing about the plot until I sat down to watch it tonight. I’m actually glad! “I Am Jonas”, aka as “Jonas”, is a new and thrilling entry to the Queer Film oeuvre from the brilliant Christophe Charrier. This mystery balances between two timelines in Jonas’ life, bouncing…



Mysterious Skin

Posted on 4 February 2020

[Note: This film may be a trigger to some due to its dark subject matter.] “Mysterious Skin” is a brilliantly directed film that gives an honest glimpse into darkness. Based on the novel by Scott Heim of the same name, the plot balances between the lives of two adolescent boys who were victims of child abuse years earlier and how both of their lives were affected. Director Gregg Araki adapted the novel and pieced this film…