More Queer Romance Films

Posted on 1 January 2023

‘Tis the month of love & romance – it’s Valentine’s Day! Time to get bombarded with pink & red hearts, Cupid’s arrows, and outbursts of love. While not everyone is ready to enjoy this commercial holiday, it can be hard to ignore the allure of romcoms or romantic films. (For those of you looking for something different, unfortunately this post isn’t for you). If you’re after some great queer romcoms, you can check out this…


Pansexual Films to Watch for Pansexual Awareness Day

Posted on 23 May 2023

May 24 is Pansexual Awareness Day, so you know what that means? Happy Pansexual Awareness Day! Pansexuality is the sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction towards people of all genders, or regardless of their sex or gender identity. Yet for such a simple definition, the application of the word is what often trips many folks up! Many pansexuals explain their sexuality as “gender-blind”, ie not letting a person’s sex or gender determine their attraction towards that…


Queer Adult Films

Posted on 1 April 2023

Today we’re venturing into a bit of a grey area… Queer Adult Films. I’m sure with those words alone, you’ve got a certain kind of film in mind. But wait – Michael, are you actually going to review THOSE kinds of films! Nope! While many folks might not see the difference, there actually is a subtle distinction between queer adult films and porn. So what makes a film an “Adult” film instead of just calling…



Xmas Eve Eve

Posted on 9 December 2022

[“Xmas Eve Eve” is the second film of my “5 Queer Holiday Shorts for 2022” post. To read the next review, “Christmas In Clyde”, click HERE. To read the previous review, “The Butch Who Stole Christmas“, click HERE.] One of two films from this year’s queer holiday short film reviews that premiered among the festival circuit, “Xmas eve eve” is perhaps my favorite short film on the list! Set during the height of Covid restrictions,…