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I’m Michael, your Queer Film Reviewer! (double entendre intended)

I have amassed a massive collection of queer and gay-themed films, shorts, series, and more. I’m here to let you know which ones are worth watching – and which ones aren’t!

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Queer Film, Short, & Series Database

For 2023, I have launched a Queer Film, Short, & Series Database! They are sorted Alphabetically, by Genre, by Country, by Format, by Language, and by the LGBTQ Spectrum. Feel free to search for your favorite title or peruse through everything to find something interesting. Go check it out!

Note: I’m working to add films to the database as quickly as possible, so if your favorite film, short, or series is not listed, use the form in the sidebar to let me know so I can add it.

Recently Added Reviews:


Film poster for "Just Ask Him Main"

Just Ask Him


Film poster for "A Single Evening Main"

A Single Evening


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Rain Beau’s End


Film poster for "Popping The Question Main"

Popping The Question


Film poster for "Single All The Way Main"

Single All The Way


Film poster for "Will You Marry Me Main"

Will You Merry Me?


Film poster for "The Christmas House 2 Main"

The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls


Film poster for "Adam and Steve Main"

Adam and Steve


Film poster for "The Christmas House Main"

The Christmas House


Film poster for "Christmas In Clyde Main"

Christmas In Clyde