Queer Holiday Shorts for 2022

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For all the hype that feature films or even TV movies get when they premiere (queer or not), short films just seem to fade into the background – unless you’re a major fan of the short film genre or follow the film festivals. So I take pride with my Queer Shorts feature on Queer Film Reviews. But even I sometimes have to do a bit of digging to find short films to meet a specific niche – like Christmas!

And that’s exactly what happened this year when I began my search for queer holiday short films.

Now, when I started “Queer Shorts” back in 2020, I searched high and low for all kinds of queer Christmas shorts and created a list of all that I could find. The first six queer short Christmas short reviews were some of the better queer shorts I could find – and I pencilled in the rest for future year’s posts. For last year’s post, I was thankful that we had three new queer holiday shorts come out to review along with older queer shorts. (Plus a special TV ad that I simply HAD to review as a short film!)

But my list of queer Christmas short films to review was becoming rather threadbare and unfortunately, lacking in overall quality. I became a bit worried that my post this year would be more of a “worst” queer holiday shorts rather than reviews of good short films. Thankfully I dug deep and search both high & low – and I found FOUR additional queer Christmas shorts to review! (Plus one I simply couldn’t fit in last year.) But the important question is whether the search was warranted; are the five queer holiday shorts worth watching?

Grab yourself a cup of cocoa, curl up under a blanket by the fire, and read on to find out whether this year’s queer Christmas shorts should be added to your watch list! (Click on the film titles or film posters to read the full review)

And don’t forget – let me know if you agree or not in the comments below!

Overall, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas & Holiday season this year!

5 Queer Holiday Shorts for 2022

After a bad breakup, Ginny (Amanda Holland) flees the city for a cabin in the mountains to get away from this dreadful, awful holiday. There she meets Lou (Lys Perez), a woman in love with Christmas, who will try to convince her how magical the day is.

Not to be confused with VH1’s queer Christmas film, “The Butch Who Stole Christmas” is one of my interesting finds this year. This queer holiday short film from Amanda Holland’s YouTube channel, Girl Ship TV, is a lesbian parody on the iconic animated film “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” – complete with animations! This queer Christmas short film has a couple issues that brought down my overall rating, but I found it quite amusing how closely the story parodies the original. So what worked – and what didn’t? Keep reading to find out more!

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Watch “The Butch Who Stole Christmas” on YouTube.

Xmas eve eve brings us back to a cold night in December 2020, in Queens, New York under semi-lockdown, where a chase between ex-lovers Dennis (Christian Elán Ortiz) and Tom (Javan Nelson) is happening within the overhead subway train.

One of two films from this year’s queer holiday short film reviews that premiered among the festival circuit, “Xmas eve eve” is perhaps my favorite short film on the list! Set during the height of Covid restrictions, including face masks, job loss, and having to abandon major cities like New York City, this heartfelt story is a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. And as if that weren’t enough to make it worth watching, it is a visually stunning film! Seriously, the way Directer/Writer frames each scene is something I can’t say I’ve seen before – or at least used in such a brilliant way. Read on to find out what makes “Xmas Eve Eve” so great!

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“Xmas Eve Eve” is not available to watch/buy online.


A Queer Christmas romantic short film that brings a new meaning to home for the holidays.

Once again this year, YouTube lead me to another lesbian queer Christmas short film, “Christmas In Clyde”. Alysse Dalessandro, the plus-sized fashion blogger, LGBTQ influencer, writer, designer, and professional speaker behind the blog Ready to Stare, both was the writer and star of this cute amateur lesbian film. Taking many of the common tropes of Hallmark Christmas films, “Christmas In Clyde” is a very short, condensed version that adds a generally missing lesbian romance to the heart of the story. Unfortunately despite it’s happy ending, I couldn’t overlook the plot clichés, poor cinematographic elements, and drawn out montages. But was it all bad? Keep reading to find out why “Christmas In Clyde” is still a queer holiday short worth watching.

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Adam (Samuel Laughton) and Mary (Beth Kingston-Lee), two gay siblings, decide to bring their partners home for Christmas dinner. They really don’t want to come out though, so they come up with a plan; they’ll swap partners and pretend to be two straight couples. After a tragic first encounter with Grandma (Lyn Mann), who has a lot of opinions about children out of wedlock, foreigners and – bread, Steve (Cameron Turner) can’t take it anymore and threatens to leave. Adam has his way of persuading him, but that may involve the two of them, a tiny cupboard under the stairs, and a very high chance of Grandma walking in.

With all of my searching each year for new queer holiday short films, I must confess that I missed one! However I can be forgiven a little bit because “Adam and Steve” premiered in May of 2019 as a final project for Film BA (Hons) students at Roehampton University. And it is yet another queer Christmas film that I discovered on YouTube! And what a cute queer short it is! I absolutely love the premise of queer siblings trying to hide their respective partners by swapping – and we cannot ignore the cute pun of “hiding in the closet!” Unfortunately there were a two things that distracted me a bit. So why wasn’t this a perfect queer Christmas short film? Read on to find out!

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Watch “Adam and Steve” on YouTube.



A young woman (Rachel Flynn) must overcome a series of bizarre obstacles in order to pop the question at the most wonderful time of year.

What a wonderful queer holiday short film! Directed and cowritten by Kevin Walls (along with Donald Cameron), “Will You Merry Me?” is a cute & romantic short that takes the nervous situation of popping the question along with the annoyance of distracting text messages and tosses it all together with a slight pun to make it a holiday short film. With a nice balance of cinematography, amazing acting, and comedic timing, the end result is a perfect queer Christmas short film. But let’s break down why it all works so well.

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Watch “Will You Merry Me?” on Lesflicks.

So what did you think – do you agree with how I rated all five of these Queer Holiday Shorts? Have you had a chance to watch them all yet? If you have, let me know which one was your favourite. And if you haven’t watched them all yet, I highly encourage you to add these Queer Holiday Shorts to your watch list ASAP!