Queer Christmas Shorts for 2021

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Last year I debuted my Queer Short Film Reviews for Christmas with “Queer Christmas Shorts For 2020“. Until life got in the way, I think it was a great way to kick off a new part of my site & my second newsletter – AND I gave you all some extra Christmas cheer!

Even though I took a break for much of 2021 because… well, I needed a break. Given the events of 2021, I think we all needed a break at some point! However, I’m kicking off 2022 with a strong push to do better – and that includes even MORE Queer Christmas Short Film Reviews! I actually had a few of these shorts planned from last year, but 2021 brought us FOUR new ones that I just had to include.

So grab a cup of cocoa, nestle up by the fire or in your warm bed, and enjoy these seven Queer Christmas Shorts for 2021.

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7 Queer Christmas Shorts for 2021


At Christmas Eve, Noel is anything but happy. He needs to hide a secret from his family.

The first Queer Christmas Short to kick of my 2021 reviews is a rather interesting one. Created awhile back by the German YouTube channel, QueerBlick, it’s one of their many short films. “A Boy Named Noel” doesn’t say much, but takes us on a journey that most of us have faced at one point in our lives – spending the holidays alone because we’re unable to share our true partner with family. However, it’s actually the way this queer short film is told that not only makes it a queer Christmas short, but makes it interesting. It’s actually a story within a story, for Santa reads to us while sitting beside a Christmas tree! Noel’s actual story is actually quite a positive one, and thus the reason why Santa is recalling it for us all. Read on to find out more.

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Amy (Kat Ronson) falls head over heels for the new Postie (Kate Winton) but finding out whether the attraction is mutual proves to be far more difficult then she first expected. So It’s up to her best friend Lilly (Ruby Todd) to come to her rescue and help her find the solution.

“The Postie” is actually a cute lesbian Christmas short film! Chock full of those first-crush vibes, paired with the uncertainty and even whimsical comedy of trying to find out if your crush is even a lesbian, this short takes us on a fun ride. While I had a few issues with some of the cinematic elements and the pacing was very abrupt and jumpy at times, this queer Christmas short is certainly one to add to your seasonal viewing playlist.

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When Debbie (McGhee Monteith) comes home for Christmas, she and her mother Gayle (Cecelia Wingate) are forced to confront the truth about their family’s past.

Wow. “He Could’ve Gone Pro” may not be a queer Christmas short film that you watch to get into the holiday spirit, but this one makes a powerful impact! With an almost artistic film vibe, the film begins subtly. However after Deborah arrives, the underlying tension of a mother trying to gloss over and hide the truth about  a tragic loss of her son contrasts beautifully with a sister struggling to sift through her own lingering guilt of the incident. It’s a tough film to watch, and may be triggering to some, however the trust is that the holidays are not always happy and jolly for some. Before I reveal the family secret, let’s break down this queer holiday short film.

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It’s Ned (James Arkinstall) and Noah’s (Reilly Featherstone) first Christmas living together, Ned is a total Jingle and loves the festive time of year, Noah is a Jangle who hates the festive season due to events in his childhood, their conflicting views on the season results in a clash, but can their relationship survive it?

While it took a while to finally get this new queer Christmas short from Third Time Lucky Productions actually filmed, it’s a pleasant addition to the usual storylines of the holidays. I was quite looking forward to its release because the premise really piqued my interest; it’s a storyline that I can say I’ve haven’t seen before. Unfortunately there are some issues that I cannot overlook that brings my overall rating down. And I truly hate that I had to give this short a lower score as a result, because it has charm and an interesting plot that could’ve been great. Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?

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An action figure (Tyler Horn) from a young gay man’s (Ford Nelson) Christmas Past comes to life to help him find the courage he needs to come out.

I very nearly missed this new gay Christmas short, as it’s only available over at GayBingeTV. But I’m glad I didn’t, because it’s quite charming! Yes, it is another coming out story – but there aren’t many that are set at the holidays. (Nor is there nothing wrong with more, good coming-out films) Sure, it gets a tad fantastical as we have to believe a toy action figure can come to life (Carnage is quite a sexy soldier!) Yet it’s that whimsical gimmick of motivation from Carnage, along with a more somber push from his boyfriend, that leads to Patrick finally coming out to his parents about being gay – and living with his partner. Of course, they already knew! This just adds that extra oomph of happiness to a cute short film.

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All cards are on the table when a queer Pakistani Muslim (Kausar Mohammed) woman brings her Puerto Rican girlfriend (Vico Ortiz) home for the first time on the family’s annual game night.

“The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night” is yet another new queer short Christmas film this year. In fact it’s only premiered at a few film festivals so far, so actually watching this new queer short film is a bit tricky! Thankfully, I was able to view it during the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival – along with a Q&A with the director and star, Kausar Mohammed. Kind of a rom-com, and kind of a sister-com gives us a bit of family drama along with a test for both Luz & Noor. Thankfully, we get a happy ending! In fact, it’s the reaction that Mohammad would want from her own family. (Who actually were the basis for many of the characters!) Keep reading to find out my thoughts on this lesbian Christmas short film.

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“The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night” is not available to watch/buy online.



Christmas commercial (long version) for Posten Norway, by POL

My last queer Christmas short for 2021 is another new addition, although it’s not a traditional short film… It’s actually a TV Commercial! Noway’s postal service has become known the past few years for creating rather unique twists on the usual Christmas season TV ads. This year with “When Harry Met Santa”, they’ve embraced the fact that Norway has a long history of accepting everyone while providing a unique twist on the traditional Santa Claus story: Santa in love with a man. Let’s break down why this is such a heartwarming commercial, even though homophobes are trying to ruin its magic.

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Final Thoughts

So what did you think about these seven Queer Christmas Shorts? Have you seen all of them yet? If so, let me know which one was your favourite. And if you haven’t watched them all yet, I highly encourage you to add these Queer Christmas Short Films to your holiday watch list!