Halloween Shorts 2020

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I realise that TONIGHT is Halloween (technically it’s already over for me down in New Zealand!) and that I’m posting this VERY last minute…. sorry!?! I only discovered yesterday that Out On Film was hosting a “Horror Shorts for Halloween” online festival. Since I wasn’t quite in the mood to go out and party tonight (it’s not really as big of a thing here in NZ), I opted to stay inside and watch these seven spooky queer horror short films! And of course, I just HAD to share my thoughts with you too!

Even though it IS last minute and you probably have plans for tonight, you still can check out any of these horror short films for yourself! Or perhaps you’re stuck at home due to Covid19 closures & restrictions and are looking for something to do? Head over to “Horror Shorts for Halloween” and sign up. It IS free, but I highly encourage you to add a donation and help support the festival and all of the artists involved with bringing films to life in these difficult times.

Another tradition with Halloween is Trick or Treating! Well, I can’t afford to buy you all tricks (or one for myself!) but I can give you a treat. ALL seven of these short reviews are ready to ready today – but only from the links in this post. (I’ll be sharing one review per day for the next week for everyone else.

So enjoy your “treat” and check out my reviews below!

(NOTE: I make no promise the links will work or that you can still sign up… but the email I got from festival mentions that while you have to start watching the shorts tonight, you have 48 hours to finish watching them.)

7 Halloween Shorts 2020


CJ ventures out for a late night hook up when things take a dark turn, leading him into something much more sinister than he could ever imagine.

Wow! You watch a horror short film and expect something horrific, but the “twist” in “Tonight It’s You” was NOT what I expected – I was pleasantly surprised (And caught off guard – which is even better with horror!) If you want a short horror film that will keep you on edge while getting some queer representation, you can’t go wrong watching “Tonight It’s You”!

Oh – and be careful on your next hookup…

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Watch “Tonight It’s You” on Prime Video.

A lonely Pranic healer – a form of energy healing – continues to push her body and her spiritual health to the brink when she is confronted with an especially horrific healing session.

Unlike the other films in the festival, I couldn’t find much about this short film other than a short teaser and knowing that it involves crystal cleansing. After watching “Cleanse” – I STILL don’t know what this short is about. “Cleanse”, despite great intentions of diversity and with a rather intriguing plot, failed to bring the viewer along the promised journey. It’s not that long, but personally I’d skip over this odd short.

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“Cleanse” is not currently available to buy/watch online.



The bug bite that disrupts a Friday night hookup turns out to be a manifestation of something much scarier.

“Estigma” was FREAKY! Woven amid an odd, stalkerish hookup that was hot to watch is a crawling hint of something devious and creepy: a bug. It’s enough for our young man to turn out the attractive hookup while he tends to the rather larger and bleeding bug bites. Bugs writhing, agonising pain, more blood – it’s a horror film’s wonderland! When the true “twist” is finally revealed, not only does it utterly shock the viewer but for many of us Queer viewers it gives us a new level of terror. Thankfully, there’s that glimpse of hope that not all is lost. But David Velduque truly takes us down a dark path beforehand! Do NOT miss out on this short horror film!

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“Estigma” is not currently available to buy/watch online.

The legend of the Dama Branca has haunted a thousand minds. And maybe taken more lives. On a creepy night, three women on the road get in an argument about something silly. Just then, they bring their car to a screeching stop. The lady in white appears – bloody, messy and with a purpose. Our friends don’t say friends anymore when an entity takes over us. Just watch and cringe.

Short, “sweet”, and to the point – that’s how I like my short films. Of course, when they’re a horror short film, I also want some blood, ghouls, or terror. “Dama Branca” includes all of that – in just five minutes! During a conversation with director and star, Panta Mosleh, I was even further surprised that they filmed this in less than 24 hours and with a $500 budget! While not perfect, it was very well done and accomplished what a short horror film should entail. I just don’t know how or why it’s “queer”… Definitely worth a quick watch.

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“Dama Branca” is not currently available to buy/watch online.



A pansexual, polyamorous trio kidnap a “pray-the-gay-away” evangelical conversion therapist and torture him until he sees the light.

I’m on the fence about “Conversion Therapist”. On one hand it feels like they are trying to include any and every little queer bit they can think of into what should be a simple abduction/torture storyline. It ended up suffering from having too much happening that the strong points are lost and get muddled. Yet on the other, it’s equally well done. Professionally shot, with talented acting, and plenty of blood, gore, and of course, circular saws! And the few “twists” along the way – THOSE were quite interesting! Definitely check out this short film.

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“Conversion Therapist” is not currently available to buy/watch online.

When Michael’s attempt at suicide awakens a psych ward demon, he must stop her before she kills everyone in the hospital.

I really enjoyed “The Quiet Room”! Rather than continue to rely on classic horror tropes, writer/director Sam Wineman has created a NEW horror legend: Hopeless Hattie who haunts the quiet room at the psych ward. Naturally, Hattie loves her boyfriends and won’t share with anyone else after she has claimed someone. What unfolds in this short horror film is classic horror thriller, scaring us with quick glimpses of Hattie as people start dying from “accidents”. We’re kept on the edge of our seat waiting to see what will happen next – and the result does not disappoint! This short is a definitely must-watch if you want a good spooky queer horror film!

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Watch “The Quiet Room” on Prime Video.



Arthur Prentiss-Wilcox, one of the World’s wealthiest men, is also one its most eccentric. For starters, he is never seen in public without his closest confident – Toby – the doll that was given to him for his sixth birthday and is rumored to be responsible for the death of dozens. Despite his infamous reputation, a young gay couple, Calvin and Edward, become ensnared in Arthur’s world with horrifying consequences.

While a tad on the longer side for most shorts, “Blame It On Toby” is just the right length to truly evoke the horrific supernatural story. Richard Knight Jr. has created an exemplary tale of horror that matches those of legend. Even though we knew there was something different about Toby from the start, the build up of tension captivated me right up until the very last moment; the twist was superb! If you are a true horror genre fan, definitely give this queer horror short film a watch. I cannot wait for the next entry in Rogues Gallery!

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“Blame It On Toby” is not currently available to buy/watch online.

Final Thoughts

So what are your thoughts on these seven queer Halloween short films? Did you get the chance to watch them all? Sadly, many of them are not available to watch. BUT if you get the chance, I strongly recommend watching a few of these queer Halloween shorts!