A Silent Night

"A Silent Night" film poster

This Queer short review was the bonus short review for my 2020 Queer Christmas Shorts project.   This last Queer Christmas short for 2020 is a bit different from all of the others – it’s dark. Yet equally it’s hauntingly beautiful. (Or am I just a bit morbid?) The Christmas & Holiday season is not cheery […]

At Last

"At Last" film poster - film title in black letters on teal background, black bowtie underneath

Ah, Senior Prom. A night that many LGBTQ folks either loved because they could fully express themselves, or they dreaded. For Lauren, it’s actually both! Despite going with her best friend “Flash”, she actually changes into a tux and meets up with her crush – Sam. But the two girls sharing their first kiss is […]

Billy’s Dad Is A Fudge-Packer!

"Billy’s Dad Is A Fudge-Packer" film poster

Do you enjoy sexual innuendos? How about a parody of 1950’s education films? Black & white films? All of these things can be found in “Billy’s Dad Is A Fudge-Packer!” In her first non-acting effort, writer/director Jamie Donahue parodies the 1950’s “Jimmy Goes To School” educational films to create this hysterical queer short film. But […]

Blame It On Toby

Film poster for "Blame It On Toby", showing a puppet's head in silhouette

Giving off a R.L. Stein Goosebumps vibe, “Blame It On Toby” is both a freaky horror short film and very well pieced together that leaves you unable to turn away until it’s too late! Writer/Director Richard Knight Jr. actually created this horror short film to kick off an even bigger horror project, Rogues Gallery. Paying homage to […]


"Caught" short film poster

Based on actual events – those words always add a certain level to any film or short. In this case, “Caught” is a short film by Monte Patterson that captures the essence of the 1962 Mansfield, Ohio Police Department sting operation. While the location is different to that case, this short examines and mimics how […]

Clay Pride: Being Clay In America

"Clay Pride"film poster

While an older short, “Clay Pride: Being Clay In America” was added to my list of queer shorts to review because it’s not only quite poignant, but it stands out because it’s done with claymation. The entire queer short is a metaphor for being gay. It shows how is has not been easy to be […]


"Cleanse" film poster

Unlike the other films in Out on Film Festival’s “Horror Shorts for Halloween”, this short film from 2019 had very little information. Other than a very short teaser and imagery of crystals, I didn’t know much else. After watching “Cleanse” – I STILL don’t know much about this short.     Synopsis   We start […]

Conversion Therapist

Film poster for "Conversion Therapist" - Stained Glass but showing bound hands in prayer in front of a saw blade, with blood drops

I’m on the fence about “Conversion Therapist”. On one hand it feels like they are trying to include any and every little queer bit they can think of into what should be a simple abduction/torture storyline. It ended up suffering from having too much happening that the strong points are lost and get muddled. Yet […]

Dama Branca

"Dama Branca" film poster - showing the three girls in the car

Short, “sweet”, and to the point – that’s how I like my short films. Of course, when they’re a horror short film, I also want some blood, ghouls, or terror. “Dama Branca” includes all of that – in just five minutes! During a conversation with director and star, Panta Mosleh, I was even further surprised […]


"DannyBOY" film poster

Right before the Christmas film rush began, I was asked by Rosh to review her debut short film “DannyBOY”. Now that the holiday craziness is over, I was able to catch up and dive right into some awesome Queer Shorts. And boy does “DannyBOY” deliver! Just from the trailer alone, it’s clear that we’re in […]

Dominant Chord

"Dominant Chord" film poster

After a homophobic attack, closeted Country Star Adam Charles is forced to decide to “play it straight” like his label demands or to finally come out and live an open life with his longterm partner, Brian. After reading the synopsis, I was hooked and excited to give “Dominant Chord” a watch. Unfortunately, this queer short […]

êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines

"êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines" film poster

“êmîcêtôcêt: Many Bloodlines” is quite a special queer short film. Winner of HotDocs 2020 Best Canadian Short Documentary, this queer short film is simply stunning. This self produced and self written story follows Stefani and Theola on their journey through pregnancy and into parenthood. It’s real and authentic, especially because Theola fully embraces and wants to […]


Film poster for "Estigma" - Gay Horror Short, shows a boy with his eyes and mouth blanked out

“Estigma” was FREAKY! Woven amid an odd, stalkerish hookup that was hot to watch is a crawling hint of something devious and creepy: a bug. It’s enough for our young man to turn out the attractive hookup while he tends to the rather larger and bleeding bug bites. Bugs writhing, agonising pain, more blood – […]


"Fairies" film poster

“Fairies” was successful short on its own before writer/director Tom Gustafson decided to expand the story into the 2008 feature film, “Were the World Mine.” I have a confession to make: I LOVE “WTWM” and didn’t even realise that this short exists first. Unfortunately, that means that my review of “Fairies” is through this retrospective […]


"Fruitcake" film poster 

This Queer short review is one of my 2020 Queer Christmas Shorts project. If you don’t want to wait each week for the next short review, SUBSCRIBE TODAY and get access to ALL Queer Christmas 2020 short reviews!    “Fruitcake” – both a derogatory slang nickname for gay guys, and also a traditional Christmas dessert. […]


"Goodwill" film poster

This Queer short review is one of my 2020 Queer Christmas Shorts project. If you don’t want to wait each week for the next short review, SUBSCRIBE TODAY and get access to ALL Queer Christmas 2020 short reviews!    Christmastime can be tricky for queer folks, especially when their families are religious. Going into a […]