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"5 Queer War Films" on teal background, with film strip corners

Queer War Films

While last month’s “5 Queer RomCom’s For Valentine’s Day” was focused on the lovey-dovey romances, things get a bit darker this month. War is never a happy subject, often more tragic than not. These “5 Queer War Films” stunningly capture queer stories during wartime.   An interesting thing to note

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Queer RomComs For Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! A day where half the world looks at their partner with love and endearing tenderness – and the other half are still looking for their partner! (OK, add in a cluster of partners who can’t stand to look at their partner… but this post isn’t for them!)

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Poster with text "5 Kinda Queer Holiday Films" on dark background, top & bottom banner of garland with ornaments and snow

Christmas Films that are Kinda Queer

While there are a handful of Holiday & Christmas films that feature queer lead characters or storylines, there are even more that continue to use the “gay” character as the sidekick/best friend/brother/et al trope. They’re only “kinda queer”.   There’s a handful of reasons for this: Some are older films

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Banner with "5 Queer Holiday Film Reviews", Greenery with snowflake ornaments

Queer Christmas Film Reviews for 2020

Ho! Ho! Ho! And Merry Queermas!   Oh, it’s “Christmas?” Pssh!   Whether you want to call this time of year the Christmas season, the Holiday season, or something else entirely – there’s one thing that can never go amiss: Christmas films! While I shared my Top 5 Favourite Queer

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Queer Christmas Shorts poster, with rainbow striped boxer shorts

Queer Christmas Shorts for 2020

Welcome to the kickoff of my NEW weekly Queer Shorts reviews!   And what better way to start off this Christmas present, but with Queer CHRISTMAS short films!   Excited? I hope so – because now I have even more work to do. Kidding! I enjoy watching films, especially the

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Blue Christmas Present with Red Bow, Tag that says "NEW for Christmas"

An Early Christmas Present!

Because Queer Film Reviews has been steadily increasing in popularity since launching last year, it’s time to expand a bit further! (OK… it *might* have something to do with the TONS of Queer films out there – and the many more that keep premiering each year. But let’s pretend my

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Queer Christmas Films To Look Out For!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Yes… I KNOW it’s only November… but the first film/series premieres tonight!)   While this year hasn’t given us too much look forward to, there’s something special about the Christmas holidays. I will freely admit that since moving to New Zealand, I

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Glowing text "7 Halloween Horror Shorts!" above evil jack-o-lanterns 

Halloween Shorts 2020

I realise that TONIGHT is Halloween (technically it’s already over for me down in New Zealand!) and that I’m posting this VERY last minute…. sorry!?! I only discovered yesterday that Out On Film was hosting a “Horror Shorts for Halloween” online festival. Since I wasn’t quite in the mood to go

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"Eating Out Saga" all five film posters - Pinterest

“Eating Out” – The Entire Banquet

  There are many crazy things people do for love, to land that perfect person. Some people write poems and send flowers, others attempt to arrange serendipity, and some even go for loud obvious displays of affection (something quite common in the plots of most teenage focused films!) But “Eating

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Poster showing all 5 film posters, white background on bottom with title "5 Queer Holiday Films"

Queer Christmas Film Reviews for 2019

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, make ourselves a cup of hot cocoa, and cuddle up by the fire while watching classic Christmas movies!   Well… I’m actually trying to stay cool and not get sunburn while getting ready for the Christmas BBQ – while singing Christmas carols in

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