The 25 “GAYS” of Christmas

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Can you believe that it has been THREE YEARS since I launched Queer Film Reviews? Yup! It all started with six new queer Christmas film reviews as part of my “Top 5 Christmas Films” post in 2019. (Wait… six reviews? It was a Top 5 post? Well, it was five films – plus a special mention!)

While I haven’t always been consistent with publishing new film reviews, (aka – let’s ignore the fact that I haven’t written a new film review at all in 2022…), I have always made sure to write new reviews for the holiday season. Part of this is due to the fact that there Christmas films are almost a niche in and of themselves – and for many years, that niche was dominated by Hallmark’s refusal to include any queer characters or storylines in their annual lineup. (Which was echoed by other TV stations and even Hollywood itself). So I felt it was my duty to draw attention to the existing queer Christmas films made by smaller independent studios.

Yet since I began writing my reviews, we first saw that lavender ceiling crack before it finally broke in 2020 with Hallmark’s “The Christmas House”. And boy did it break! Last year, I shared the news about EIGHT new queer Christmas films or series coming out in 2021 – and I STILL missed a few!

Let’s also not forget that it was for Christmas 2020 when I launched “Queer Shorts”, focusing on queer short film reviews. Naturally, that present came with six queer Christmas short film reviews.

So this year for Christmas 2022, I simply HAD to top all of that. And I realised that of the 94 total queer film & short reviews I’ve published (WHAT!?!?) – almost half have been holiday films!

So this year for the 2022 holiday seasons, not only do you get FIVE (5) new Queer Holiday Film Reviews and FIVE (5) new Queer Holiday Short Film Reviews – but there’s an even bigger surprise to unwrap!

But I won’t give it away that easily! Instead, you get to play:

The 25 “GAYS” of Christmas
Advent Calendar!

Starting on December 1, the first queer Christmas review will be “unlocked”. Will it be a short film review – or a feature film review? Will it be a brand new review – or one of the better Christmas films or shorts I’ve already reviewed? That’s for YOU to find out!

A film or short review will be unlocked every day until December 24, Christmas Eve. And finally, the biggest & best present will be unlocked on Christmas Day!

So either come back to this page every day during December to see what has been unlocked – or follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to get the daily reveals.

But most importantly – have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy at least a few of these great queer holiday films!


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