Queer Christmas Films for 2019

‘Tis the season to deck the halls, make ourselves a cup of hot cocoa, and cuddle up by the fire while watching classic Christmas movies!


Well… I’m actually trying to stay cool and not get sunburn while getting ready for the Christmas BBQ – while singing Christmas carols in jandals… ? This holiday season will be my second Christmas down here in New Zealand, but I am still not sure I can adapt from the classic winter season I grew up. But I digress… let’s talk about one thing that we all can agree with: Christmas movies!


There are so many Christmas Classics to rewatch, Hallmark pops out a ton of new movies each year, and now even Netflix has hopped on the seasonal movie bandwagon. But the one thing missing from majority of these mainstream feel good movies? LGBT+ representation. We are still resigned to independent or smaller production movies that don’t usually go beyond our community.


Thankfully, we DO have a handful of Queer Christmas films – YAY! But as I say, just because a movie has a queer identity doesn’t mean that it’s a good film. There’s a handful of queer holiday films that I watch regularly – and a few that I will be rewatching only because I need to write a review. But all of the 5 films below¬†are of the former rather than the later, they are films that I include in my annual Christmas movie marathons and watch regularly to get into a festive spirit!


So grab yourself a cup of hot cocoa and check out the list of my 5 favorite queer holiday films below – and stay tuned as I post my actual review of each film weekly as we get closer to Christmas!


A new romantic comedy feature film that brings together three interrelated tales of gay men seeking family, love and sex during the holiday season.

I love this holiday film because every gay man can relate to at least one of the characters, possibly more. It’s really embraces the holiday season, the positive and the negative, yet still ends on a note of good cheer.


A gay student who is “out” at college but not to his family receives an unexpected visit from his boyfriend while at home during the holidays.


The comedy in this holiday film is quite hysterical at times and thanks to Olaf’s mother’s “fondness” for the holidays & decorating, there is no shortage of Christmas! It is a perfect romantic “Hallmark-esque” comedy made better because it features two gay male lovers.


Home for the Christmas holiday to help plan his sister’s upcoming wedding, a recovering and resentful gay man starts falling for his ex-boyfriend’s new lover, not knowing that their relationship is a only mere pretense.


The Christmas atmosphere of this film is a bit different from what you’d expect for a holiday film, partly because it takes place in warm, sunny Florida rather than a snowy winter wonderland. But this story is quite touching and heartfelt without the holiday cheer, and what it’s one of my favorites.


Scrooge & Marley is a modern variation on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Recounted from a gay sensibility with heart, comedy & music, the magic of Dickens’ timeless tale of a man’s redemption comes alive from a fresh perspective.


This twist on the classic carol is a pleasing addition to the Christmas film genre. Naturally, they have to take a handful of deviations from the traditional story to make it work, but the end result is just as positive as the classic story of Scrooge.


A magic Christmas ornament turns two men’s lives upside down when homophobic Tony starts preferring men two weeks before his wedding and his gay co-worker Steve finds himself blossoming into a ladies’ man.


While you could remove all of the holiday elements and this film’s plot would still stand up on its own, there is no doubt that this film is part of the holiday oeuvre. You could even argue that it’s quite “Hallmark-ish” merely because a decent story is simple set during the holiday season. Yet there are elements of this film that make it quite enjoyable to watch.

But wait – there’s more!



There’s another queer film that takes place during the holidays that I cannot ignore. Even though it’s not ABOUT Christmas, most of the story takes place around the Christmas holidays – “December 24, 9 pm EST” to be specific!


Head over HERE and find out which film this might be!

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